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De-Colonizing Minds

Last weekend we were invited to remember World Refugee Day, Father’s Day and International Yoga Day. No need to guess which was the most popular. Crass commercialism rules. And the greatest tragedy. […]

Siberian Journey

Our unforeseen journey to Siberia began seven years ago in a jail Bible study in Mount Vernon, Washington when I met Andrey, a then 21-year-old Russian man who God is now raising up as an evangelist a. […]

God and Natural Disasters

On my first visit to Nepal in 1989, I was appalled at the grinding poverty in which the vast majority of its citizens lived. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the rich. […]

Beach Stories

Today’s Gospel reading from John 21:1-14 shows the resurrected Jesus on the beach with his disciples, who don’t immediately recognize him. He directs these weary fishermen who'd been fishing all n. […]

A Nuclear-free Middle East?

I don’t normally re-publish other peoples’ Blog posts or news articles. However, as Israelis go to the polls today, and the world’s media continue to misinform us about the history and current r. […]