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Sowing Seeds of Shalom?

If the US-led global “war on terror” since 9/11 has taught us anything, it’s that mass bombing campaigns and sweeping punitive measures don’t work to counter violent extremism. In fact, they a. […]

Reflections on Jesus' call to jihadists and us: the militant, violent non-violence of love

News of jihadist brutalities in establishing an Islamic State (Isis) in Iraq and Syria has impacted me deeply.  Beheadings of American and British prisoners, reports of violence against Kurds, Christ. […]

Goodness in Evil Times

The Italian chemist Primo Levi survived Auschwitz and wrote several reflective accounts of that experience. His book If This is a Man is an extraordinary account of his life as a slave on rations that. […]

Business and War Crimes

The chilling pictures of Israeli civilians watching and cheering from a hilltop the heart-rending massacre of people in Gaza by tanks and aircraft invite comparison with the worst Nazi horrors. Gaza i. […]

Receiving the Rejected One

This week in Abbotsford, BC I shared on the topic of healing rejection with a group of 150 Korean Canadian and Korean young people working with Love Corps.  They were preparing to spend two weeks min. […]