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God and Natural Disasters

On my first visit to Nepal in 1989, I was appalled at the grinding poverty in which the vast majority of its citizens lived. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the rich. […]

Beach Stories

Today’s Gospel reading from John 21:1-14 shows the resurrected Jesus on the beach with his disciples, who don’t immediately recognize him. He directs these weary fishermen who'd been fishing all n. […]

A Nuclear-free Middle East?

I don’t normally re-publish other peoples’ Blog posts or news articles. However, as Israelis go to the polls today, and the world’s media continue to misinform us about the history and current r. […]

The New Intolerance

Last Tuesday a gunman walked into a restaurant in a town in the Czech Republic, killed eight customers at random before shooting himself. The incident was reported in small print in most newspapers ou. […]

Bearing arms or bared arm? Jesus as God’s response to violence

Acts of vengeance to vindicate honor have been in the press on a near daily basis this past month, causing me to think seriously about how Jesus exposes and deals with human violence and reveals God. […]