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Bearing arms or bared arm? Jesus as God’s response to violence

Acts of vengeance to vindicate honor have been in the press on a near daily basis this past month, causing me to think seriously about how Jesus exposes and deals with human violence and reveals God. […]

I am Not Charlie: a Christian response to the killings in Paris

I was deeply troubled by news of this week’s killings of journalists at Charlie Hebdo, France’s satirical newspaper, by two French Muslim brothers of Algerian descent, Chérif and Saïd Kouachi.. […]

Epiphany reflection: Recognizing the time of our visitation

Angel David, Tierra Nueva’s Honduran director, has been my friend since I met him in his village of Mal Paso 32 years ago. We talk several times a week about life, Tierra Nueva's coffee farm, and th. […]

Freedom Not Incarceration

This week marks twenty years that I have served as chaplain to inmates in Skagit County Jail. Embodying and communicating God’s grace and love to prisoners in jails, prisons and immigration detentio. […]

Guided to God's Priorities

Last week I returned from a trip to Honduras with my Tierra Nueva colleague, Mike Neelley. There we experienced the Spirit’s guidance towards both the “least of these” and towards church leaders. […]