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  • Giving thanks for 40 years of Created

    As Created, Tearfund’s ethical trading company, prepares to draw to a close in 2015, praise God for the countless people whose lives have been impacted in so many incredible ways during the last 40. […]
  • Beating the big freeze in Iraq

    It’s already getting cold in Iraq, but Najid had only a T-shirt to wear up until last week. Pray for our staff in Iraq as they continue the race to help more people before winter sets in.
  • Prayer alert: G20 summit

    At the G20 leaders’ summit in Australia this weekend (15-16 November), we’ll be calling on the world’s 20 most powerful governments to go further to prevent corruption. Please pray that leaders. […]


The Micah Challenge campaign in Australia brings together many churches and NGOs, and our friends at Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH) and Surrender have been working for years to disciple people in following Jesus among the poor.

You can find lots more information on Australia at the World Fact Book or on the BBC Country Profile.

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  • 22.10.2011

    Tentative Steps

    AUSTRALIA: I often feel like my relationship with integral mission is most like that between a child and a butterfly. Whenever I think I’m getting close to pinning it down, it swerves unexpectedly, dazzles and fascinates me again, takes off in a new direction. Sometimes I seem to loose it completely. But then I find [...]

Full name
Commonwealth of Australia
Full area
7,741,220 sq km
Major Languages
Major Religions
Life expectancy
81.81 years
Monetary unit
1 Australian dollar = 100 cents
Main exports
coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport equipment
$41,000 (2010 est.) per capita


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